Pinewood Derby 101

Congratulations to all Cub Scout Participants for a great Pinewood Derby 2012!  

We will get the dates and times for next years pinewood derby up as soon as we have them!  

Welcome to the Pack 399 Pinewood Derby page.  Here you will be able to access all of the information needed to participate in this years Pinewood Derby. 

Date & Time

March 19th 9-1:00

Step #1: Get your Car

Cars are available now!  They are $3.00 for each cubscout, and $4.00 for siblings/parents.  Cars should be available at your Den Meetings for purchase.  

Step #2: Read over the Rules

Step #3: Build/Design your car

Step #4: Bring your car to the official inspections

After inspection, the car will be registered and impounded. After the cars are impounded, they will be placed in
individual pit boxes.  No Modifications will be allowed after the car is impounded.  

If your car does not meet specifications, you will be able to take it and make appropriate changes.  Then it must get inspected again and impounded.  

Step #5: Show up and be ready to have a blast!