Pinewood Derby Rules

2013 Lone Bear District
Pinewood Derby Rules

A scout’s primary goal in Pinewood Derby should be to:
· Work together with a parent on a joint project
· Acquire a healthy attitude about competition and sportsmanship
· Become more proficient at woodworking
· Survive the experience with all ten fingers!

Pinewood Derby Car Specifications
Scouts must use the official BSA pinewood derby kit. No pre-cut hobby shop cars will be allowed. The car must be made during the current Scouting year.

Cars must pass inspection by the Official Pinewood Derby Committee Car Inspector on the day of the race to compete.

Race officials may disqualify cars at any time if found to be illegal. Any adult or scout may appeal the findings of the

Inspector to the Race Committee Chairman, whose decision is final.

WIDTH – Overall width must not exceed 2.75 inches. Width between the wheels must remain at 1.75 inches.

LENGTH – Overall length cannot exceed 7.00 inches.

WEIGHT – A car may not exceed 5.00 ounces. You may hollow out the body to insert weights or build the body up by adding wood, metal, etc. The weight determined by the Official Pinewood Derby Committee Car Inspector’s scale is final.

WHEELS – Only the wheels from the BSA kit are allowed. You may lightly sand the wheel surface to remove any burrs, but the wheel must remain flat. Wheels may NOT be altered in any other way.

AXLES – The nails provided in the kit must be used for the axles. They may NOT be turned down by machine. They may be smoothed lightly with sandpaper and the burr on the nail head may be filed down. No bearings, bushings, tubes or springs will be allowed. No one-piece axles will be allowed.

AXLE SLOTS – Axles slots may be drilled, but spacing must remain the same as the original kit. The
distance between axles will be measured at registration for compliance. Axles should be positioned to give the car 3/8-inch ground clearance. This is required for the car to perform properly on the track.

DETAILS – Details such as steering wheel, driver, decals, interior details are acceptable. The finished car with details must meet all other guidelines specified. All parts and materials must be firmly attached. Due to the starting gate design, the front edge of all cars must be flush (no notches, “v” cutouts, pointed ends, etc) and square.

LUBRICATION – Only dry powdered graphite may be used to lubricate wheels. No type of oil or spray lubricants will be 
permitted. Once the car is impounded, it may NOT be re-lubricated except when a wheel is damaged or becomes dislodged during a race. Lubricant must be applied in designated areas only.

REPAIRS – All repairs must be made under a race official’s supervision after the car has passed inspection. If a car breaks down, the scout is allowed 5 minutes to fix the car.


Pinewood Derby Race Procedures
1. To enter the race, each car must be brought to the inspection table. If the car fails to meet any rules, the
inspectors will tell the scout the exact problems. The scout will then have an opportunity to change the car to
meet the rules.

2. After inspection, the car will be registered and impounded. After the cars are impounded, they will be placed in individual pit boxes. Cars may not be handled again unless:
      a. Getting the car for the start of each heat
      b. Putting the car in the pit box
      c. Fixing the car as allowed in Ground Rule 5 Cars shall remain in the pit boxes until the end of the derby.

3. The Race Officials will set-up and maintain race brackets and tell the Official Starters which cars run in each heat.

4. Officials will call racers to the gate for their heats. Racers shall place their cars at the start, and then go to thefinish line in the “designated area” to watch the race.


Pinewood Derby Race Ground Rules
1. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AND BEHAVIOR IS EXPECTED. Race officials may ask anyone not following this
rule to leave.

2. The Pinewood Derby is open to all Cub Scouts in the Lone Bear district. Scouts must have placed in the top
three of their division in their pack to be eligible for a trophy. A designated alternate is acceptable if one of the top three is unable to attend the district race.

3. Each car will race in each lane once for a total of 6 races. The cars will be timed, the worst time will be dropped, and the best average of the remaining five heats will be used to determine the top 3 finishers in each division.

4. A car jumping off the track or interfering with another car will result in a restart. If the same car has the same problem, it will be eliminated.

5. If a car breaks down, the result of the heat will stand and repairs may be made in accordance to the guidelines listed above. If the car cannot be fixed in the allotted time, it will be eliminated.

6. Only race Officials and Car Owners are allowed inside the track area.


- Tiger
- Wolf
- Bear
- Webelos

Tigers – First, Second and Third
Wolf – First, Second and Third
Bear – First, Second and Third
Webelos – First, Second and Third
Best of Show

If anyone has any questions, please contact John Cerda at 660-429-2747 or email at
Thank you for being part of the Lone Bear District Pinewood Derby!